Mexico Travel and Entry Requirements

Travel/Entry Requirements

  • 1.Valid proof of citizenship (passport or birth certificate)
  • 2.Tourist Cards/Visa or FM3 Card
  • 3.Valid state/providence issued driver’s license (not issued in Mexico)
  • 4.Valid Vehicle Title or Registration. If the registered owner of the vehicle will not be accompanying the vehicle to Mexico; you must have a Notarized letter authorizing the specified individual to take the vehicle out of the country. If there are two registered owners of the vehicle either one can take it to Mexico.
  • 5.If the vehicle is registered to a business, make sure you are provided written authorization on company letter head.
  • 6.All financed vehicles must have the financial institution or lienholder written authorization and it MUST be notarized to enter Mexico.
Mexico Travel and Entry Requirements
  • 7.Carry one of the following: Visa, Master Card, Diner’s Card or American Express, and make sure your name on your ID matches the credit card.
  • 8.If you are traveling Mainland Mexico past the 25 kilometers or outside of Sonora (Free Zone) you must have a vehicle permit. This permit can only be obtained in Mexico.

For more information about Travel and Entry Requirements in Mexico, please visit the Embassy of Mexico’s website at