Fire and Theft Coverage

Quiz – do you know if your Mexico auto policy covers you for theft and fire damage?

Many people sadly do not know the answer to this question. The only way to be sure is by checking your policy. offers fire and theft coverage that will handle repairs or replacement for your vehicle if it is stolen or burned. We offer quality comprehensive coverage that includes coverage for fire or theft when you are driving in Mexico.

(See policy details and exclusions for the policy you choose)

What Kind of Coverage Do You Have?

If your policy includes comprehensive coverage, then you probably have coverage for fire or theft. If you purchase third party insurance – the minimum required in many states – you are likely not covered for theft or fire. It is worth it to add this coverage to your policy, since theft or fire can leave you short of cash if something happens to your vehicle.

Mexico Fire and Theft Insurance
Fire Coverage

Fire Coverage

When you have a vehicle fire, there usually won’t be much to salvage. If you don’t carry coverage for fires, you may owe your finance company money if your insured value is less than what you owe on the car. Fire coverage from will take care of the difference for you when you are traveling in Mexico.

Theft Coverage

Theft Coverage

Even if you carry theft coverage, it might not do enough to cover you if your car is stolen. Your vehicle’s value depreciates quickly, and if your car is stolen, you will probably receive a lot less than it will cost you to replace the vehicle. If you are still paying for your car, you may not even get enough to pay the car off, which leaves you with no money for another vehicle.

Mexico Fire and Theft Coverage

What Is the Time Delay?

If you have theft and fire insurance from, make sure you add coverage that will pay for a rental vehicle between the time yours is damaged and the time is it repaired or replaced. Rental cars are very expensive, especially in Mexico. Insurance companies make every effort to pay promptly, but you don’t want to be left without a vehicle or rental car.

Check Your Deductible

Your auto policy deductible applies to theft and fire insurance coverage. The amount you will receive if you suffer either of these losses will be the value of your car minus the deductible. If you have a high deductible, you won’t receive as much. If you don’t own your vehicle, you’ll get even less, since the vehicle will need to be paid off before you see any money. Paying a little extra for a lower deductible is worth the extra money in most instances.