Camper, Fifth Wheel and Trailer Insurance

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are non-motorized, portable agents that motor vehicles (including autos, RVs, trucks and campers) often tow for camping or other purposes. Travel trailers are just as important to insure as other vehicle accessories, and are often used as a portable, non-motorized RV that can easily be attached by a hitch, to an SUV or other multi-purpose vehicle. If you are an avid camper or a camping enthusiast, you might find the travel trailer to be the perfect accessory; they are not hard to assemble, making them perfect for even the novice camper.

When you drive into Mexico, your domestic auto insurance will not be valid; you are legally required to carry insurance underwritten by a Mexican insurance company, which can be obtained through for the protection you need, at a price you can afford.

Travel trailer insurance is available and highly recommended to any camper who owns one. provides insurance for many types of RVs, including pop-up tent trailers and other travel trailers that are driven in Mexico. Whether you plan to do a lot of camping or just an occasional trip, travel trailer insurance can help protect you and your valuables while in tow.

Mexico Fifth Wheel Insurance

Why Travel Trailer Insurance is Necessary

Travel trailer insurance will protect you from unexpected loss during a trip, whether you plan to camp in the mountains or along a sunny coastline. There are many different travel policies you can choose from including standard travel insurance or customized packages that are created for the unique travel trailer traveler. Some of the optional coverages available for these types of trailers include:

  • Coverage to protect accessories that attach to an RV or other vehicle, including satellite dishes or awnings.
  • Comprehensive travel coverage, that protects anything the owner possesses. Comprehensive coverage protects against natural disaster, theft, damage associated from vandalism, low hanging trees, smoke, fire and other related destruction to one’s travel trailer.
Mexico Pop Up Trailer Insurance

Fifth Wheels

Many RV owners insure their fifth wheel using their auto insurance policy. Often however, an automobile insurance policy does not provide the specialized insurance coverage needed to care for a fifth wheel. When you are driving to Mexico, your domestic auto or RV insurance will not even be valid, leaving you in hot water if you get in an accident.

Auto insurance policies are good for autos, but do not provide comprehensive coverage for fifth wheels. Thus, you may find that you have limits placed on off-premises coverage, or find that you must pay a high deductible before you receive coverage. Thankfully, at, we offer insurance for fifth wheels that can guarantee you the exact coverage you need before you embark on your next trip to Mexico.

Mexico Fifth Wheel Coverage helps create customized policies for fifth wheel owners driving in Mexico that provide comprehensive coverage in the following circumstances:

  • Coverage for accidental loss that may occur during sudden impact, including during a collision
  • Coverage against vandalism or theft
  • Flood, fire and smoke protection
  • Other natural disaster protection
  • Coverage for accessories including attached antennas, satellite dishes and related RV parts
Mexico Travel Trailer Insurance

Truck Campers

Most people assume that if they have automobile insurance, they have adequate insurance. Auto insurance alone may not be enough to cover a truck camper; in fact, it is almost guaranteed not to be enough. A truck camper is a unique unit that often requires a customized insurance policy.

When you drive into Mexico, your domestic insurance is rendered void, as it is not recognized by the Mexican government as proof of your financial ability to pay. When you drive your truck camper into Mexico, you are required by law to carry insurance underwritten by a Mexican insurance company -- and it is important for your own financial protection!

Mexico Camper Insurance


Fortunately,, will work with you to ensure that you receive a quality and customized insurance policy; a policy that meets your unique needs, and your budget, so you can drive safely in Mexico. There are many different types of truck campers, including truck campers that are mounted, and often designed to be loaded onto a standard pickup truck. These campers range from 18 to 21 feet, and can be used as a makeshift camper, with the ability to sleep as many as six individuals. Truck campers are quite popular, particularly amongst individuals that are new to RVing.

It is difficult to insure any type of RV; this is particularly true of truck campers, because many insurance agents are not familiar with the special requirements of RVs and the types of insurance policies needed for vehicles that qualify as RVs. RVs have a dual purpose as an auto, and as a residence in many cases. Because of this, it is important that an owner understand the requirements of a policy, before establishing one. This is vital for insuring that an individual is covered by insurance, in the event an accident or other catastrophe occurs; if an owner does not have the right type of policy, it may not cover the incident.

Mexico Camper Insurance provides customized insurance policies that will protect your camper, no matter which type you use, while driving in Mexico; this includes truck campers and trailers. Our policies provide the following types of coverage:

  • Comprehensive coverage protects your truck camper against fire, smoke, theft and other common problems.
  • Basic liability coverage.
  • Collision coverage, protects you and other passengers in the event of an accident. There are several options for coverage, including coverage to replace the cost of your camper for up to five years, for new camper owners.
Mexico Camper Insurance

Camper, Fifth Wheel and Trailer Insurance: Who Needs It?

Anyone who has a travel trailer, camper or fifth wheel should have insurance; replacing a camper or trailer can be very expensive and painstaking. When you drive in Mexico, your domestic policy becomes invalid, and you are legally required to have coverage to drive in Mexico. If you are involved in an accident and do not have Mexico insurance, you risk being thrown in jail until you can pay your damages.

If you finance your trailer, it is particularly important to get insurance, because you will have no means of paying off the loan if something happens to your trailer. Comprehensive insurance can help pay for the trailer, or replace it in the event that something happens.

Some trailers or camper catch fire, or are stolen; others may be subject to damage in the event of storms or other natural disasters. In situations like this, comprehensive insurance may prove a lifesaver. If your camper trailer is damaged, can offer towing and roadside assistance, and other help to cover the cost of repairs, and to provide you with temporary lodging until you are back up and on the road again.

Many insurance policies also replace the cost of the belongings that you may store in your trailer, including any equipment, valuables, supplies and other items that you would ordinarily bring with you on a trip. This is vital, as most automobile policies do not provide coverages for personal belongings left inside of a vehicle.

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With regard to personal liability, our insurance policies also provide medical coverages for individuals that travel with you in your trailer, in the event they need medical treatment or are injured while traveling with you.