Daily Mexico Insurance Coverage

If you are taking a trip to Mexico, or travel to the country sporadically, daily Mexico insurance coverage will protect you while ensuring you meet the legal obligation while driving in the country. If you drive in Mexico more often, an annual policy may be more cost-effective. MexicoInsurance.com offers both daily and annual Mexico auto insurance policies.

Your domestic auto insurance policy will not cover you once you cross the border into Mexico, but you are required to carry legal coverage. If you are involved in an accident while driving in Mexico, you may be taken into custody and held while it is determined who is at fault. You can also be held in a Mexican jail until you come up with the money to pay any damages if you do not have coverage, which emphasizes how important it is to be covered.

Daily Mexico Insurance

Why MexicoInsurance.com?

While there are several companies that provide Mexican auto insurance, they’re not all equal. MexicoInsurance.com has an exclusive contract with Seguros El Potosi to provide the best insurance products available. We also handle all claims in and out of Mexico with a staff in Mexico and the U.S. so you will not be forced to deal with a Mexican insurance company many miles away, and we have offices in Mexico and the United States for unparalleled service.

Daily Mexico Insurance Features

  • Fixed deductibles meet the requirements of lienholders of your vehicle
  • Claims are settled in U.S. dollars based on U.S. repair costs
  • Repairs can be completed in the U.S. or Mexico
  • Provides legal protection you need to drive in Mexico
  • Legal protection for an attorney, court costs and bail bond if you are detained after an accident
  • Roadside assistance, collision coverage and medical coverage leaves you fully protected
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