High Liability Limits

One of the most important aspects of car insurance is liability coverage. Liability coverage pays for your legal liability if you are involved in an accident and cause property damage or bodily injury to a third party. If you are going to drive in Mexico, liability insurance is required by law. The Mexican legal system is very different than that in the U.S., and accidents are treated very seriously as criminal and civil offenses. Without liability coverage, it is likely that your vehicle will be impounded and you will be arrested and held until you come up with the money to pay for damages

At MexicoInsurance.com, we offer high liability limits to make sure you are fully protected if you are involved in an accident in Mexico.

High Liability Limits

Why Choosing High Liability Limits?

Buying higher liability limits never seems important -- until it is. If you’re involved in an accident and cause damage or injuries above the amount you purchase, your company will attempt to settle with the third party with whatever coverage you purchase. Although claims and liability settlements are different in Mexico, you need to purchase what you feel is enough. Our liability coverage also includes legal coverage, which means your bail bonds and attorney fees will be covered under your policy. While the Mexican police often detain both parties in an accident until the details can be sorted out and blame assigned, bail bonds coverage means you can get out of jail pending the investigation.

High Liability Limits Insurance

How Much Liability Coverage You Need

This is a decision only you can make, however Mexico handles their third party injury claims quite differently than the United States and Canada. Claims are paid quickly and usually between the insurance company, the District Attorney, the Judge, and the injured party. In most cases, the only outside attorney involved in the case is the attorney we provide to set your bail. Since the insurance policy is verified at that time, in most cases the tourist doesn’t even appear in court. Settlements are made usually within the limits of coverage purchased and no automobile injury claims have been allowed to enter any courts in the United States except small claims court with very small maximum amounts allowed. This is also true for liability coverage for property damage.