When you drive across the border into Mexico, you’re Canadian or U.S. insurance policy will no longer be valid and it cannot prove your financial responsibility for driving in the country. If you are involved in an accident in Mexico, you are required to show proof of liability insurance. An auto policy with will meet the legal requirement for driving in Mexico while offering you valuable peace of mind.

Your Mexican auto insurance policy may include the following:
  • Liability only to meet the legal requirement for driving in Mexico and cover you by paying damages and injuries to third parties and property
  • Fire and Theft Coverage protects you against theft of your vehicle or fire damage while you are in Mexico
  • Physical Damage and Collision coverage protects you by paying for repairs to your vehicle if you are involved in an accident or your vehicle is struck by an animal, branch or damaged in a rollover
  • Legal Service coverage pays for an attorney and bail bonds if you are detained following an accident in Mexico, or if you are found to be at fault for the accident. This is valuable coverage because it is not uncommon to be detained after an accident and hiring an attorney in Mexico can easily cost thousands!
  • Roadside Assistance to help if you break down, need a gas delivery, a battery jump-start or towing while in Mexico
Mexico Automobiles Insurance offers policies that cover your vehicle while driving in Mexico, or Mexico driver's license liability coverage, which is attached to your license regardless of the vehicle you drive. If you are going to cross the border, remember that your domestic insurance policy will not be recognized! Protect yourself by purchasing Mexico auto insurance before you go.