Your U.S. or Canadian RV insurance policy is not valid in Mexico; you are required to carry insurance or proof of financial responsibility underwritten by a Mexican insurance company when you drive in Mexico. At, we offer daily and annual Mexican motorhome insurance with liability and full coverage policies to protect you.


The area of Mexico you will be driving in determines the level of coverage you should get for your RV. The best way to make sure you are protected is buying Mexico RV insurance from a US agent for a Mexican company, before you leave for your trip.

With, you can purchase a Mexican RV insurance policy to suit your needs based on where you will be driving in Mexico, and how long you plan to be in the country. The price of your policy is typically based on the following factors:

  • The number of days you will be driving in Mexico
  • The value of your motorhome
  • The liability limits you choose, with liability coverage ranging from $50,000 to $300,000
  • The level of legal, travel and roadside assistance you choose
  • Whether you choose fixed deductibles
  • Whether you choose to purchase Vandalism and Theft coverage
Mexico Motorhome Insurance

When you buy Mexican RV insurance through, you can rest easy knowing you are insured by a reputable company and meeting the legal requirements to drive in Mexico. All repairs and claims can be settled in the United States as well. Our RV insurance policies will protect your motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer against theft, vandalism, collision, overturns and fire, when you choose a physical damage policy, but you will always receive liability protection!

If your RV will be towed, we also offer Mexico auto insurance that covers your motorhome while it is being towed with the Power and Towed unit covered on the same policy.

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Mexico Motorhomes Insurance has been offering specialty insurance to owners of super yachts for decades. Our company insures yachts that have a value of $5 million and up, with unique features and exceptional coverage.

We are all dedicated to providing owners with any yacht insurance coverage needed. This means no one-size-fits-all policies, but rather individual policies that recognize your unique yacht insurance needs.

Contact today to get a quote for mega yacht insurance. It will fully protect you and your valuable investment when you travel to Mexico.