Driver’s License Liability

Mexico driver's license insurance offers liability coverage that follows you to any vehicle your drive. (excluding commercial vehicles) This type of coverage is meant for drivers who

  • May drive several vehicles while in Mexico,
  • Don’t require theft or physical damage coverage, and
  • Want a single policy that covers the driver for liability and legal services, regardless of the vehicle.

Our driver's license liability insurance offers limits ranging from $50,000 to $300,000. Is driver's license insurance through right for you? If you have older vehicles that do not require physical damage or theft coverage -- or your vehicles are covered under your U.S. insurance (physical lines) -- this may be the right policy for you.

Mexico driver’s license insurance

Mexico Driver's License Policy

Driver's license liability coverage is one of our most popular forms of Mexico insurance because it conveniently attaches to your driver's license, insuring any vehicle you drive. Specific coverage included in your policy and requirements:

  • Liability coverage for motorcycles or vehicles taken to Mexico
  • Coverage throughout Mexico
  • Insures United States, Canada, and Mexico-plated vehicles with valid registration
  • Policy issued on an annual basis
  • Covers rental vehicles
  • Motorcycles and vehicles must have valid registration
  • Liability coverage extends to anything coupled to your vehicle
  • Policy includes legal aid bail bond service
Driver’s License Liability

A Mexico driver's license insurance policy will only cover the specific license named on the policy. Keep in mind you will need a policy for each driver, otherwise you may want to consider a policy for the vehicle itself.

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Driver's license insurance is an increasingly popular form of coverage for frequent visitors to Mexico, and it is an affordable way to meet the legal requirement while driving in the country. Contact today for a free Mexico driver's license insurance quote to protect you when you drive in Mexico.